The Shop at Bluebird Launch Party at Carriage Hall in Covent Garden

by Hannibal Reitano

Launch Party for the opening of The Shop at Bluebird.

the shop at bluebird

Alexandra Moncieffe

Jemina Jones and Quetin Jones

Idina Moncrieffe

Camille Charriere

Jessica Clarke

Hannibal Reitano and Frankie Herbert

Nettie Mason and Nick Mason

Hannibal Reitano and Mike Rutherford

Richard E Grant and Hannibal Reitano

Julian Schnabel 'Re-use of 2017-2018' Private View at Pace Gallery and Afterparty at the Chiltern Firehouse

by Hannibal Reitano

Julian Schnabel: The Re-use of 2017 by 2018 - private view & afterparty
Julian Schnabel legendary American artist presented solo exhibition featuring 12 recent paintings exploring his career to date. Afterparty followed at Chiltern Firehouse. 

Royal Academy of Art

Pace Gallery

Jean-David Malat


David Bailey

Pam Hogg

Mark-Francis Vandelli

Mark Hix

Alan Yentob

Ozwal Boateng

Nina Moaddel

Alex Lane and Catherine Hunt

Elizabeth Steve

Nefer Suvio and Nick Rhodes

Hannibal Reitano and Julian Schnabel

Chiltern Firehouse

Nick Rhodes, Nefer Suvio and Hannibal Reitano

The Connors Brothers 'Call Me Anything But Ordinary' Private View and Auction at Maddox Gallery

by Hannibal Reitano

The Connor Brothers: Call Me Anything But Ordinary - private view & auction
The Connor Brothers present their largest UK exhibition to date, exploring how social media affects the world we live in. Professor Green co-hosted auction where money raised by sold pieces are donated to CALM, a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. 

Maddox Gallery 

Ruinart Champagne

Jay Rutland and Denise van Outen

Jay Rutland and Tamara Ecclestone

Ekaterina Korshunova