2016 Wimbledon Champion's Dinner at The Guildhall

by Hannibal Reitano

The Guildhall

After Dinner Presentation

The Champion's Presentation

Serena Williams Women's Singles 2016 Wimbledon Champion Trophie

Andy Murray Men's Singles 2016 Wimbledon Champion Trophy and Serena Williams Women's Singles Champion Trophy

Andy Murray, Philip Brook and Serena Williams

Judy Murray and Serena Williams

Usue Maitane Arconada and Claire Liu Girl's Doubles Champion's

Venus Williams Women's Double 2016 Wimbledon Champion

Claudia Ines Rodriguez and Manolo Santana

Usue Maitane Arconada (Argentina Born 2016 Wimbledon Girl's Doubles Champion)

The Guildhall

Hannibal Reitano and Andy Murray