'The Bentley Boy's' Film Presentation and Welcome Back Bentley's from Le Mans at Jack Barclay Bentley Berkeley Square London

by Hannibal Reitano

Along with founder W.O. Bentley, the Bentley Boys and their inspirational stories shaped the public image of the marque from the very beginning. Even today, their spirit lives on with the new Bentley Boys. Inspiring generations. Relentlessly.

Always ready for a race, a challenge or a glass of champagne, the first generation of Bentley Boys were a close-knit group of extraordinary playboys, racers and adventurers who achieved global fame during the 1920s and 30s. They inspired a whole generation of Bentley drivers and admirers, with their passion for driving and deep love of a challenge. And behind the wheel of Bentley motorcars, they dominated Le Mans with five wins in just eight years.

“I don’t think many companies can have built up during such a short period a comparable font of legend and myth, story and anecdote. The company’s activities attracted the public’s fancy and added a touch of colour, of vicarious glamour and excitement to drab lives.”

W.O. Bentley’s words sum up the appeal of the Bentley Boys and their cars to perfection.

Jack Barclay Berkeley Square London

The Original Bentley Boy's 1920's (Rich playboys that conquer Le Mans)

Ruinat Champagne

Shannon Muller The Bentley Boy's Producer

Jeeves and Wooster

The Two Laps Parade around Berkeley Square

Number 10, 1925 Bentley, race in Le Mans and run out of petrol as it was leading

Storming around Le Mans 

Champagne Celebrations

Bentley Boy's Celebrating in Style at the Savoy Hotel Dinner after Winning Le Mans

Bentley Blower