The 2016 British Formula One Grand Prix at the Drivers Lounge Silverstone

by Hannibal Reitano
The  2016 Formula One British Grand Prix started on a soaked circuit, but ended with the sun shining down on Lewis Hamilton as the world champion collected his third successive Silverstone victory. Hamilton's team mate Nico Rosberg finishing second on the race, but a post-race penalty- issued as a result of Mercedes Benz providing the German with ilegal instructions, dropped him to third behind Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

The Drivers Lounge Terrace

The Drivers Lounge


Mumm Champagne

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John Rudy

Michael O'Hare, Amanda Gilby and Marcus Fothergill

Warwick Davis, Samantha Davis and Annabelle Davis

David Benett

Amanda Allen and Patrick Allen

Musical Enterteiment

The Ice Angels Girls

Pace Car, Hamilton and Rosberg

Hamilton, Rosberg and Vestappen

Lewis Hamilton

David Benett at work

Nico Rosberg

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Juan Manuel Fangio Winning The 1956 British Grand Prix in a Ferrari D50

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